“A gentle, masterful exploration
of growing up and coming to terms with the past.”

—Kirkus Reviews

The Ruby Seat
Cyril Bankstrom lives alone on the shores of a sparkling Adirondack lake. He is a quiet, humble man, who, after great suffering, acquired the rare, mystical gift to sense God’s Oneness with all that exists. But for the past 40 years the same haunting nightmare has tortured him— his hands are covered with blood; a child is screaming; a white house is burning, and in a large pine tree, a noose hangs in the moonlight…

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About Joe

The Adirondack’s pretty much sum up Joe Rector. At a very early age he fell in love with his family camp on Union Falls Pond in the shadow of Whiteface Mountain. At 18, he started building traditional Adirondack guide-boats from spruce stumps and century-old pine trees. Throughout his 20’s and 30’s Joe photographed the Adirondack Park.

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